Aurigin is a network of creative centers
for spirituality and regeneration

Our Mission is to design a new world we want to live in.

A world where Love, Wisdom, Beauty and Mindfulness are the pillars of society. 

A world where we are healthy and connected to consciousness.



We are living in times of great change. 

The greater the darkness, the more light can be revealed. We must act now, to imagine and manifest a brighter future.


Creativity is the language of the heart, the soul. 

With it we can bring beauty and inspire others, beauty is healing.

Creativity allows us to innovate and find solutions to our problems.


The spiritual work is to recognize our shadows,

and proactively work to transcend them. 

The spiritual mind acts through the heart, connected to all beings beyond time and space. 

To create a better future we must be guided by such principles to ensure harmony.

Regeneration of the self through spiritual work, connection to nature and beauty.
Regeneration of our environment via permaculture and ecological innovations.
Regeneration of our society, communities, villages, towns and cities.


Nature heals by its high and harmonious frequencies. 

Nature humbles by its force and fragility. 

Living in nature grounds us in the present moment and reconnects us with the spirit.


A focussed collective soul will manifest dreams at light speed. 

To create tight bonds, trust and friendships, it is crucial to have physical contact, to meet,
feel, touch and see one another in one physical space.

A strong community inspires oneself, it also teaches, criticizes, helps, guides, cares and loves.



With our collective intelligence/consciousness

we can rethink: 


 Physical, mental and spiritual health     The education system 

 Social services & collectivity     Agriculture & nutrition 

 Trade & consumerism     Technology 

 Urbanism & architecture     Mobility 


Aurigin creates community & co-working centers located in nature.


The international centers are linked and share influence, online and financial resources.


We host a variety of specialized workshops and retreats
designed by Aurigin and guest organisations.


People from all fields of expertise are invited.

Thus forging a global representative and multi-talented community capable
of addressing challenges with greater agility and oversight. 


A healthy work-life balance is maintained by offering spiritual, wellness
and fitness workshops throughout the stay. 


Plenty of free time is allocated for your personal practice between the group workshops
and community projects to enable the perfect ‘’workation’’ flow. 


Private and communal workspaces are provided as well as private bedrooms

Art studios are available for artists and creative workshops.

The natural environment provides a multitude of outdoor activities as well as
space for permaculture, landart and shamanic journeys.


From our experience, we recommend a minimum stay of one month
to allow yourself to sync fully with the rhythms of mother nature.




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Nika Fontaine

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