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We are the origin of the future


Aurigin is an organization for
holistic regenerative development
of rural regions and communities.

Combining arts, spirituality, and entrepreneurship, we shape a regenerative future.

At the core of our organization, we create Aurigin Centers.

Our model is an hybrid between Artist residencies, wellness retreats and innovation Labs.

This enables our residents to work, learn, co-create while engaging in health and spiritual development.

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The seed of Aurigin




Aurigin is a non-profit organization for holistic regenerative development.

By incorporating art and spiritual wisdom to circular economy we revitalize communities.





Aurigin Media binds our community of changemakers





The Aurigin Center is where the magic happens!





Aurigin creates and supports the creation of

circular economy enterprises




Our Speakers Agency

spread wisdom and inspiration





With our community

we create an open-source toolbox





With more than one Aurigin Center we create the Aurigin Network



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