Aurigin Businesses

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  • It starts with a problem

  • We identify it

  • We make a strategy and plan

  • We create or support a business that solves the problem

  • This multiplies Aurigin

Why businesses?

In an age of political instability, the economy is the fastest and most effective way to impact the health of communities and the environment while convincing political leaders.



By creating micro, small and medium and even large-sized enterprises Aurigin will be able to solve core issues in the wellbeing of society and the environment.

Eiter Aurigin itself creates the businesses or we provide the template to willing members of the community we are revitalizing.


In the case that Aurigin owns the Business, most profits are versed in the organization to fund our activities and expansion.


When we supply the plans and support the edification of a business, Aurigin will take a small percentage of equities to help us help others.


By doing so, Aurigin strengthens its autonomy in order not to be dependent solely on public funding.


What kind of businesses?

 The enterprises we found or help founding are all based on our holistic sustainable approach.

If local, they are adapted to the resources and needs of the communities.




  • web-based startups

  • apps

  • online services

  • alternative health and therapy centers

  • local brick and mortar shops

  • local & global cooperatives

  • alternative farming initiatives

  • local energy farms

  • transformation of discarded resources

  • community transportation