Aurigin Network

  • It starts with an Aurigin Campus

  • Initiators come to learn

  • They go back empowered to their regions

  • They replicate our model and open more Aurigin Centers

  • This grows the Aurigin network

What is the Aurigin Network?

The Aurigin Network is the result of our natural open franchise and exponential growth model.

As we or our Aurigin Initiators build more centers around the world, we grow into a network that collaborates to be more influential and facilitate the international mobility of our community.

The strength of our Network will be the diversity of cultures and experiences.

This will feed our Toolbox to become more universal.


How do we expand the Network

  • The Aurigin Berlin team initiates the first centers in Germany and Spain.

  • The growing Aurigin team initiates more Centers.

  • Resident Initiators visit our centers, learn how to replicate our model and create their own Aurigin Center or similar concept.

  • External Initiators can replicate the Aurigin Center model via the Online Toolbox and by following our Manifesto.

  • We develop partnerships with existing communities and institutions.

How to open your own Aurigin Center ?

  • Make a residency at an existing Aurigin Center and learn from our team and field projects.

  • Use our online Toolbox and get support from us.
  • Follow our manifesto to ensure continuity of our Mission.

The benefits of opening an Aurigin Center

  • The more we grow as an organization, the more influence we will have on the socio-economic and politic spheres.

  • The more influential Aurigin becomes, easier it will be to fund our activities and Centers.

  • Being part of a global network will facilitate international exchanges and mobility.