Aurigin Centers

  • It starts with a place in need of revitalization

  • We set up an Aurigin Center


  • The place grows into an Aurigin Campus with more projects


  • The place becomes fertile


  • This grows Aurigin

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What is an Aurigin Center?

The Aurigin Centers are merging the model of astist residencies, startup labs and spiritual retreat centers.

The Aurigin Centers are composed of an urban community center and a rural residency for professionals.

The rural center allows our residents to develop their projects in an inspiring natural environment in company of intersectional change makers.

The community center act as an event location, resource center and community meeting point, open to the public. Lectures, exhibitions and workshops from our residents are held in this flexible coworking space. This Center is located in the nearest large city adjacent to the residency.

The first Center in development is the Valencia/Villalonga Center in Spain. (more info coming soon)




What is an Aurigin Center?

What is in the Rural center?

  • Workshop/lecture hall

  • Artist's studios

  • Coworking spaces

  • Writers studios

  • Recording and editing studio

  • Healers studio

  • Library

  • Gym and spa

  • Living quarters

  • Team office

What is in the Community Center?

  • Workshop/lecture hall

  • Coworking spaces

  • Coffee shop

  • Gallery

  • Healers studio

  • Team office

Who can do a residency?

  • Initiators

    • Initiators are people who would like to revitalize their home region and want to learn from us.

  • Artists

  • Healers and lightworkers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • social workers

  • Anyone in need of inspiration and knowledge to make the world a better place

Open your own Aurigin Center

If you want to revitalize your region and you believe in the model we propose, You can open your own Aurigin Center by following our manifesto and contacting us!

We work through an open franchise model that allows you and us to gain more influence with every new Aurigin Center.

Contact us for more info.

How to apply

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