• It starts with Aurigin Media

  • It inspires people

  • We create a network

  • We create projects & content

  • This grows Aurigin

What is the Aurigin Community?

The Aurigin Community is open to all changemakers willing to learn, grow and share their experience with the world for a healthier environment and society.

There are different levels of engagement that one can take as a member of our organization.

Fans & Followers

In order to have a real impact on critical issues and the wellbeing of society, we need to inform and educate. This is done by sharing studies, stories and our experience via Aurigin Media through social medias, videos and podcast channels.  Here our followers are playing a key role in spreading the knowledge while educating themselves on how to become a changemaker themself.


Our Allies are those who believe in us and want to support our initiatives indirectly. This can be done by forwarding us via our facebook group, relevant studies, content, contacts, advices and opportunities. Our allies might as well support us by contributing to our crowdfunding campaigns and donation platforms.


The Builders are the ones actively collaborating on projects such as the online Open-source Toolbox as well as volunteering for events. 


The speakers are our messengers, teachers, guides and coaches that form our first line of direct interaction with society.  Through the Aurigin Agency, we find and create events where they can shine and spread their wisdom and talent. Through the lectures and workshops we inspire, teach and grow the Aurigin Community.


We call initiators the ones who wish to replicate the Aurigin model in their own region or neighborhood. First, they are invited to do a residency in one of the Aurigin Centers where they learn more about the philosophy and methods we use. Once their training program is done, they can go back to their regions and revitalize their community with the newly acquired knowledge and support. Their outcome report is lather published on the online Toolbox to further help future initiators and Aurigin.


The team members are the ones working directly with Aurigin. They are the heart and soul of our projects!


The receivers are the reason we work hard with implacable will and passion. We shape our projects for them, for you. As long as there should be unhappiness and suffering we will mobilize all our resources to find solutions while teaching how to teach.