Our structure

Seed of Aurigin

If all harmony is derived from a timeless truth, we believe the key to a holistic regenerative development lies there. Our organization structure is based on sacred geometry.


"Sacred in “Sacred Geometry” does not mean Holy, but rather pertains to that which is Permanent or Timeless Truths.”

~ Jain 108, from 108 Academy


From the Seed of life, we designed our business plan in interlocked cycles that create a continuous circle of interactions and regeneration.

In the same way, our holistic approach is fashioned on this principle of healthy autonomous cycles unified in a harmonic system.


We planed our growth just as the Seed of Life symbol unfolds to become the Cell of life, the Flower of life and the Fruit of life. By doing so we mimic nature and the interdependence of ecosystems.


''This symbol shows that all life and consciousness arises from one source (this being the first circle, Aurigin). The next 6 circles are identical with the cell division process of organic life. Therefore, the seed of Life is seen as a model of divine creation. The name “Seed of Life” stems from the cycle of a fruit tree. From one seed a tree can grow which bare fruits who hold many more trees.

We design in accordance to the law of ONE.

This concept proposes that everyone is linked by a unifying field of consciousness. That the environment, the elements, the forces of nature and us, are all ONE and the same thing. (science of today is exploring this idea of the unified field of existence). On that premise, we designed our holistic vision of regenerative development for a healthy and natural r/evolution.



- It starts with inspiration

- We make a plan

- Create a community

- Create projects & content

- This generates knowledge

The plan

Aurigin is a non-profit organization that revitalizes communities through holistic regenerative development. Our exponential growth is achieved through an open franchise model that allows us to expends internationally where we are needed.

The plan is as follow:

Aurigin Berlin

The Aurigin oranization based in Berlin overviews the initial projects, the manifesto and policies, the online ressources and global services. It also acts as a ''Förderverein'' (funding association) for the subprojects and Centers.

Speakers Agency

The Speakers agency is our first line of approach which allows us to reach a larger public while spreading valuable wisdom. Through our events and partner events we will grow our community while creating content for Aurigin Media. The Aurigin agency is also the first source of direct income for Aurigin and its active members.

Aurigin Community

The Aurigin community is the heart of our organization. Through Aurigin Media, lectures & workshops, projects and Aurigin Centers we gather motivated changemakers under one umbrella. Through our community we can deliver content and expertize to broader communities in need of revitalization and inspiration.


Our open-source online Toolbox is a wiki platform that shares knowledge on community revitalization. Tutorials, articles, research reports, and thesis will be available to anyone who wishes to initiates a new Aurigin Center or revitalize their community.

Aurigin Centers

The Aurigin Centers are designed on the Artist residency model but open to an intersectional group of experts and changemakers. There, One can stay from one week to six months to collaborate on Aurigin projects for the local community while also developing their own practice. Theses bases of operations will allow us to unify our community, host longer workshops, and seminars, further our research and form new initiators. According to local needs and resources, we will design our space and studios. When the Centers expand they turn into Campuses.

Aurigin Network

The Aurigin Network is formed organically as more Aurigin Centers are open around the world by us or our community of initiators. As the network grows, we can support and learn from each other's experiences. The network facilitates mobility between regions and the Aurigin community.


The Aurigin Businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises that Aurigin mentors. They can be established in the region surrounding an Aurigin Center or elsewhere. We help local communities to create their jobs by supplying them with business models to be replicated. The Aurgin Businesses also comprise companies that will be co-founded by Aurigin in order to solve an issues while generating icome for the sustenance of our organization.

How are we funded?

Aurigin is a non-profit organization which relies partly on donations and public funding but not only. We believe in autonomy and our vision of healthy organizations, is one that has many income sources.

Here are some of ours:

Income sources

  • Donations

  • Public funding

  • Private investors

  • Speakers agency

  • Revitalization contracts

  • Partnership with entreprises & industries

  • Rental of our facilities

  • Residency and campus fees

  • Sales of products via an upcoming Aurigin shop

  • Commission on art sales

  • Publications, Aurigin Editions

  • Publicity revenues on the Aurigin medias

  • Profits from Aurigin owned businesses

  • Equities from Aurigin supported businesses

  • Return on ethical investments

  • You have more ideas? Tell us now !