More about us

Seed of Aurigin

We believe the key to a thriving environment, physical and mental health as well as a purposeful economy, lies in mindfulness.

Infusing mindfulness and creativity in social and economical development ensures a healthy symbiosis of our environment and communities.

Aurigin design self-replicating circular systems

Based on the sacred geometry model of the seed of life, we developed our organization canvas.

  1. Aurigin organization

  2. The speaker agency

  3. The community and media

  4. The toolbox

  5. The centers

  6. The network

  7. The businesses

Who benefit from AURigin?

Local population

Employment and contribution of skills, goods and services Access to our facilities, international network and visitors Regeneration of disused buildings and land

Professional residents & contributors

High-end studio spaces for various disciplines Global network of inspiring individuals Personal growth and connection to nature

Visitors and guests residents

Vocational courses in music, art, podcasting, permaculture, etc Contributing to global regeneration, finding your purpose Creative holidays immersed in nature


Propelling creativity and regeneration

Being part of a global empowering movement co-designing communities of the future.

Stewardship of ecosystems and nature

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Aurigin Structure

The Aurigin conglomerate is divided into multiple entities under the Aurigin holding organization which is responsible for international funding.

This structure will ensure better management of the activities and assets as Aurigin expands internationally. This also ensures an agile distribution of resources where it is most needed to foster the wellbeing of the communities.

Aurigin Structure.jpg