What is the Aurigin Agency?
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  • It starts with an idea

  • We give lectures and workshops

  • It inspires people

  • It creates a community

  •  They join Aurigin

Our speaker's agency is our first line of action to impliment long-lasting change in society.

Spreading knowledge through conferences and workshops is the first step which can easily be organised while still having a substancial transformational potential.

Notwithstanding the educative factor, the inspirational effect is vital to our subsequant poles. 

By inspiring greater groups to take actions we create a critical masses that exponentially speeds up fruitful change.


The content being created during lectures and workshop can be recorded and shared online to reach greater numbers via Aurigin Media. Aurigin media is composed of a youtube chanel and an upcoming podcast.




About our lectures

Our speakers and workshop giver are from a variety of backgrounds reflecting Aurigin's holisitc approach. They are professional speakers or experts in their field. The commun tread is that they are all motivated change-makers.

Healing & lightwork

  • Meditation

  • Bodywork, releasing stress and trauma, embodied pride

  • A somatic approach to spirituality

  • Energy work, reiki

  • Martial arts, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kung Fu

  • Plants as coaches, herbalism

  • Nutrition, you are what you eat

  • Micro-circulation, the key to longevity

  • Spiritual philosophies, Kabbalah, Buddhism, Sacred Geometry

  • Introspection, Tarot has nothing to do with the future

  • Gestalt & Aufstellungen, release your emotional baggage

Arts & Creativity

  • Unleashing your true creativity, the creative process

  • An environmental approach to art making

  • How can art bring social change

  • Bridging art and technology, using XR

  • Contemporary art lectures

  • Art and creativity workshops

  • Master your own voice, from public speaking to opera

  • The spiritual in art

Social Entrepreneurship

  • Circular economy

  • Non-hierarchic organizations

  • Discovering your purpose

  • Holistic regenerative development

  • Co-designing with target audience

  • Social media and viral knowledge

  • Cooperatives and other social platforms

  • The future of communes and societies

  • Education and the anthroposophic approach