Florian Filtzinger

Event - Somatic - Connections

Nika Fontaine

Vision - Art - Leadership

Dan Gerrett

Content - Social Media - Happiness

Sergio Bermúdez Molina

Aurigin Mexico - Education - Anthroposophy

Maxim Bragoli

Business - Managing -
Eco Development

Giuseppe Di Lecce

Finances - Philosophy - Start-ups

Nicole Frerichs

Marketing - Shamanism - Coaching

Rudi Kallenberg

Tech - Systems - Strategy

Ana Taskov

UI UX - Research - design
Advisory Board

Simon Bastien

Architecture - Design

Aigul Neven

Empowerment counsellor

Dr. Ulrich von Köstlin

Art collector - Lawyer -
Senior Advisor
Consultants & Helpers

Alex Coma

Aurigin Montreal - Art - Spirituality

Jose Fernando Andrade

Futurology - Dance - Workshops

Ngam-Tram Ho Dac

Coaching - Compassion - Startups

Sebastian Muellauer

Community - Innovation -
Eco-Village expert

Davinia Ros

Structural engineer - Valencia


Aurigin is all about friendship and partnership.

Here are some of our closest co-creators with whom we like to shape

our vision of the future.

future leaders.jpg

Future Leaders Global

Revealing the leader in you, Future Leaders Global is fostering an inevitable shift of consciousness in leadership worldwide.


Minerva University, Berlin

''Minerva is nurturing critical wisdom for the sake of the world.''

This international University is reinventing education to train the new generation of changemakers and leaders

Universidad Miguel Hernández

''The UMH is a young university committed to continuous incorporation of innovation and excellence to continue climbing the rankings of the best universities within our surroundings.''

fent estudi.png

Fent Estudi

Architects studio Valencia

''Fent Estudi conducts studies and interventions in the territory with the active participation of citizens and the use of local resources. This distinguishes us from the strategy used: the way we approach work and work with people.''



Xibit is an Augmented Reality B2B SaaS platform that turns event spaces into inspiring Mixed Reality art experiences. We tell stories in ordinary spaces using extraordinary digital art content, 3D sound, and intuitive hand interactions. We create opportunities for people to connect, learn, and leave with an unforgettable experience in every space. We connect imaginations.


La Pépinière

In the heart of neighborhoods and villages, we are making collective spaces flourish with local actors in order to strengthen community life and make living environments more participative. La Pépinière brings together a team of architects, designers, carpenters, cabinet makers, social innovation advisers, organizers, communications specialists, specialists in cultural programming.

Positive Blockchain

Positive Blockchain projects use blockchain technologies to generate positive social impact and solve some of our world’s burning problems



Promoting international contemporary arts, Wildpalms is more than a gallery. It is a platform of knowledge, debate and creative emancipation that joins art to Strala yoga