• It starts with knowledge

  • We create an online toolbox

  • With it we make projects

  • We upload what we learned from our projects

  • This grows Aurigin

What's the Toolbox?

The Toolbox is an online open-source platform where valuable information regarding Holistic sustainable development is shared. It serves as a go-to resource to revitalize communities.


Once the platform online, you can submit articles that will be reviewed by our team.

Follow us to know when the toolbox will be online!



What's in the Toolbox?

  • The Aurigin Manifesto

  • Manuals and tutorials

  • Scientific studies

  • Links to key resources

  • Outcome reports of our projects and from our initiators

  • Stories of success 

  • inspiration

Who can participate?

It is open to everyone who has valuable information to share. Our team reviews the articles before posting them online.

Our initiators and team are key collaborators to the toolbox.

Curated links to relevant resources are included. If you just want to share a link, we encourage you to register to our Facebook group HERE and post it on the wall.