Aurigin Villalonga is our first center in development located 20 km from the sea in the mountains by the river Serpis.  Villalonga is our proof of concept site and the birthplace of Aurigin.


The warm and sunny climate, the ease of mobility from the airport, the majestic nature of La Safor, proximity to the beach and direct access to the river and springs makes Villalonga the perfect location for creative retreats.

The center is presently spread

over 4 properties. 

The main residency building, Villa Josefà, is remotely located by the river in the heart of the mountains. It contains 8 private bedrooms over two separate apartments, 4 private offices and one large community room. The 3 acres of land are being turned into a permaculture land art forest garden. 

Two more housing locations between the village and Villa Josefà provide extra rooms in co-living situations with our hosts. 

The main art studio, Estudio de Palma, is located in Palma de Gandia 25 minutes bicycle ride from Villalonga through the orange groves.


*Further locations are presently being inquired

.*A special collaboration with the Bar Diddley offers a public platform for lectures,
workshops and concerts. 


 Villa Josefà 

Located in a remote valley by the river Serpis, Villa Josefà is fully immersed into nature. Its three hectares of land is the first ground for our permaculture food forest. It contains two four-bedrooms apartments and one lower floor with four private offices and studios as well as a large community room.

Villa Josefà is ideal for group retreats and specialized workshops. 


 Villa Serra Estruch 

Located between the village and the valley, Villa Serra Estruch has a breathtaking view over the valley. Its private terraced forest is being transformed into a meditative land art forest garden. 

The four bedrooms share the living space with our wonderful host. 

Pool, dogs, cats and vegetable garden are also present. Villa Sera Estruch is perfect as a base for those working in our Palma and Rio studios.


 Casa de la Finestra 

Midway between Villa Josefa and Villa Serra Estruch, Casa de la Finestra hangs on a cliff by the river. A pool, a terraced garden, dogs, cats, chickens and rabbits are making this environment very lively. 

Two to Three bedrooms are available and best suited for thoses who work in the Rio studio or to extend the numbers of guest for workshops at Villa Josefà. 


 Estudio de Palma 

Located in Palma de Gandia, 25 minutes bicycle ride from Villa Sera Estruch, Estudio de Palma is an industrial shared art studio of 330sqm. 

The proximity to Gandia makes it easier to get supplies and delivery for large scale art projects. 


 Estudio del Rio 

Bording the river Serpis, along the Villalonga and Villa Josefà, Estudio del Rio is most inspiring for artists and creatives. For lunch and evening breaks you can visit the Bar Diddley and restaurant next door for a delicious meal and drink. 


*Upcoming expansions spanning over two more properties will enable us to create a lecture and event hall, resident healers rooms, gym, spa, audio/video recording studio as well as more en suite bedrooms.

Why Villalonga?