Valencia Villalonga

Starting in Valencia, Villalonga, international artists and students from various disciplines will travel to our centre to work with technicians, mentors, and to experience our approach to local regeneration.

Our regenerative lab will include metal, wood, glass, ceramic and multimedia workshops to cater for multiple professional disciplines.

Our permaculture garden, gym, spa and location bordering a natural reserve makes the Aurigin Center Valencia/Villalonga a wellness retreat haven.

Why Villalonga?
  • In the EU

  • Spanish language bridging Latin America

  • Region in need of regeneration (rural exile)

  • Inspiring and calming environment

  • Close to sea, forest, mountains and river

  • Outdoor sport and wellness possibility

  • Access to services and culture (Gandia, Valencia)

  • Many universities, polytechnic and art academies around

  • Good mobility

    • proximity to international airport (Valencia, Alicante)

    • train

    • international seaport, (Valencia, Alicante)

    • reachable without a car

    • ferry to Ibiza and Palma (Gandia)