Aurigin is an organization for holistic regenerative development of rural regions and communities.

Combining arts, spirituality, and entrepreneurship, we shape a regenerative future.

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At the core of Aurigin we co-create long-stay artists and students residential studios, a flourishing global market.

Starting in Valencia, international artists and students from various disciplines will travel to our centre to work with technicians, mentors, and to experience our approach to local regeneration.

Our regenerative lab will include metal, wood, glass, ceramic and multimedia workshops to cater for multiple professional disciplines.

Our permaculture garden, gym, spa and location bordering a natural reserve makes the Aurigin Center Valencia a wellness retreat haven.

We are the origin of the future







Aurigin is a unifying agent which connects, empowers and inspires international communities.

Aurigin fosters the development of the human being and environment through the creation of glocal creative communities of change-makers.

Aurigin imagines and manifests a fulfilling and nourishing vision of the future in the here and now.



HoW It Works

By uniting people around art, science and spiritual wisdom we co-design regenerative communities.

Our core project is the creation of Aurigin Centers internationally. We nurture learning, creating, research and personal development through workshops and our creative studios.

Our centers generate expertize in regenerative design, templates for municipal and governmental programs, online content, art, organic food, joy and spiritual nourishment.

*We are not affiliated to any sect, cult or religious groups. Our spiritual engagement is anchored in research and practical applications.



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