Vision of Spirituality

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More about sacred geometry

"Sacred in “Sacred Geometry” does not mean Holy, but rather pertains to that which is Permanent or Timeless Truths.”

~ Jain 108, from 108 Academy



The 'Seed of Life' is formed from seven circles being placed with sixfold symmetry, forming a pattern of circles and lenses, which acts as a basic component of the Flower of Life's design.

These are the 7 circles mirror our 7 chakras, the 7 musical notes, the 7 colors of the light spectrum, the 7 days of creation in western religions.


From the seed of life unfolds the cell of life (8 spheres or the star tetrahedron, also known as Merkaba) which creates the primal cube of space and the begining of all mater.

Buddha, in his enlightenment, described the fundamental indivisible Atom
as a construct of 8-ness, he called it Acta (Eight) Kalapos (Atom).


From the seed of life is born the flower of life, the Blueprint of creation. In this patern the five platonic solids can be found.

These are five structures that are crucial because they are the building blocks of organic life. These five structures are found in minerals, animated and organic life forms, sound, music, language, etc.

The culmination of development is to be found in the Metatron's cube from which unfolds the Tube Torus. Recent studies discuss the universe being Tube Torus.


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