Vision of Tomorrow

Here we share with you some of our utopias which we aim to manifest.

Horloge astronomique


  • public art

  • giving opportunity for rest

  • strong local communities

  • creating spaces for true connection

  • green

  • mixity of ethnical groups and classes

  • inter-generationally friendly

  • Ressources-sharing coops. (tools rentals, books, food, knowledge)

  • no polution, everyone helps to keep the spaces clean

  • autonomous driving

  • affordable housing for everyone


  • aiming for understanding rather confrontation

  • sacred relationships

  • accepting different relationship models

  • flexible but strong

  • balancing male and female energy

  • A healty fight culture ''debate'' nurturing understanding

  • Emancipation of the individuals through the relationship


  • decisions are made in the best interest of all

  • awareness for social responsibilities

  • anchoring the light

  • spiritual value system

  • not afraid of money and power

  • sustainability driven

  • promoting non hierarchic structures

  • walk the talk

  • uncorrupted by ego

  • teach to teach

  • active listener


  • post growth economy

  • value is being created from reducing the influence humanity is having on the environment

  • automatization is creating free time for the people

  • economy serves humanity  instead of itself

  • shared economy

  • money system which is serving humanity

  • unwanted jobs get a higher payment

  • equal wages for genders

  • organic agriculture

  • more cooperatives, shared ressources infrastructures

  • reinventing fossil fuel consuming industries

  • nurturing


  • accessible for all

  • all is One

  • powerful & inspiring

  • integrated in our daily lives

  • fully accepte & visible

  • awareness for it

  • intercultural influence

  • not empirical nor fanatical

  • one for all and all for one


  • art that creates social changes

  • more accessible art

  • inclusive and equalitarian art scene

  • land eco friendly art

  • Art that transmit & preserve cultural heritage

  • The market doesnt rule the creation and curation.

  • Public art, more funded, more accessible to artists and public

  • Art educates and grows tolerance for one another

  • Art where spirituality is not taboo, but rather celebrated


  • unconditional basic income

  • social security

  • unity consciousness

  • Decisions are made in the best interest of all

  • development of a social memory complex

  • respecting free choice of every human being

  • drug addictions need healing instead of punishment

  • Intergenerational collaboration

  • accepting individual potential rather than trying to unify

  • no hunger

  • full disclosure

  • non-judgemental

  • peaceful

  • value-, not performance-driven

  • seeing strenght in diversity - not danger

  • wealth is distributed evenly

  • real democratic process

  • integration instead of separation

  • spiritual


  • a place that nurtures the best out of me

  • equally adapted to all genders and dissabilities

  • a place where I can openly talk about spirituality

  • nurturing mind and soul

  • work schedules not only for larks, but also night birds

  • joyful, playful, creative

  • needs to give space for individuality

  • has to be a place for connection

  • respecting the individual needs and cycles

  • plants & animals are part of it

  • trust rather than control driven

  • place to rest and meditate

  • healthy food choice


  • respecting geomancy

  • Removing plastic from the environment

  • healthy for animals

  • More trees are planted than cut

  • nature included in city ( green walls & roofs, public garden, food grown in city)

  • Diversity of seeds

  • no harmful chemicals are allowed

  • permaculture is prioritized over monoculture

  • organic and native seed sharing

  • protected areas are the majority

  • eco-ranger movement